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 Sun, air, water and food: the pillars of health

The people's culture, through all ages, leads us to testimonials to how food is the principal element tied to human imposed rituals. All our individual histories revolve around the principal instinct of preservation of the species, thus our self. This happens through food. In food the eternal challenge of life continues.

The human being, like all the living beings, is composed not only of the material part (the body formed from cells) but also from a magnetic force,  that in energetic terms, it comes defined as power of affinity that exists in all elements and atoms to hold them firmly in place as the human body and any other form.

Vibrations that cross all cells and their chemistry, causes the human body to exists, therefore we can define it with a measure of electromagnetic energy, in which the organs and system “vibrate in unison”. The energetic dimension of man is, in a way, the essential element for body and spirit to be in equilibrium.


 Every living thing and any food item has its own energy.

 The science of nutrition, researches deeply on content of foods, especially from a chemical point of view.

Food is more useful to our body if contains many minerals and vitamins and gives us the right physical energy.

If it is undeniable, however, it's not the only way to determine if what we eat is healthy for our body, mind and spirit.

I would like to  to introduce a fundamental concept that physics has amply demonstrated. Every living thing and any food item has its own energy.

The energy propagates as a wave and can be measured.

Some scientists, including the most famous engineer Simoneton, research to define what energies are benefitial or harmful to the human body. The first fundamental step was to measure the human body's energy by using scientific equipment (a counter Gaiger, Wilson and the ionizing dosimeter of Bovis graduated in angstrom) because the body emits a measurable radiation (expressed in the form of color and sound) at around 6200-7000 Angstroms, a person in good health should have a vibration at least 6500 angstrom. At lower values illnesses and incorrect food attitudes were detected.

The importance of environmental radiation in human nutrition.

Environmental  radiation  has the power to influence the world, in every single thing around us, visible and invisible.

Each person is subject to the influences of all radiation.

We must understand the all things including objects, people and events emanate vibrations.

I am not talking about only the famous x-ray or nuclear radiation, but also about cosmic radiation and human vibrations alike.

Is it true that from our diet we absorb the essential  nutrients for our life and it is equally true that we  absorb their vibrations. It is not sufficient to take calories and nutrients from food in fact it has been demonstrated in many experiment, that when we eat  synthetic foods, or modified food which are  nutritionally correct but energetically nulled, does not guarantee optimal development, or healthy long aging.


 The Ing. Frenchman André Simoneton (gravely ill and without hope of recovery, regained his health with vegetarianism) was an expert in electromagnetism, and from 1930 and ' 1940 collaborated in the research of vibration of foods using the study of other important researchers.

Any food, as every living being, besides having a calorie (chemical energy) also has an electromagnetic power (vibrational). Using scientific equipment, measured the amount of electromagnetic waves, by categorizing them according to these.


The measurement of food according to Simoneton.  

 To remain in perfect health our vibration must be around 6500 angstrom, it is clear that every influence of a vibrational low frequency can be danger, food included.

On the basis of his findings, Simoneton divided foods into four general classes.

On a scale of zero to 10,000 angstroms, he found the basic human wavelength to be about 6.5 thousand.

Foods that have wavelengths between this and 10,000 angstroms, he regarded as those of the highest quality. In this first class are  mature fruits and fruit juices obtained from squeezing (made and consumed ).

Raw fresh vegetables and fruit or cooked at the temperature below 70°.

Cereals, flour and bread only with whole grains.

Another category of superior foods is represented by oleaginous fruit  and their essential oils : olive, sweet almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut, soy, peanuts and hazelnuts.

Some foods are superior only if consumed at the time of production like milk, butter and eggs. Remain vital and superior the cheeses are subjected to fermentation, olive oil, sea fish and shellfish.

In the second category, with radiations 6.5 thousand to 3,000 angstroms, are the vegetables cooked in boiling water, milk, frige butter, eggs not freshly layed, honey,cooked fish, peanut oil, sugar cane and wine.

The third category, with very weak radiations below 3,000 angstroms, is comprised of cooked meats, sausages, coffee, tea, chocolate, jams, processed cheeses and white bread.

The fourth category exhibits practically no energy and includes margarine, conserves, alcoholic spirits, refined white sugar and bleached flour.

Simoneton's researches provide strong support for those who advocate a vegetarian diet based on whole grains and fresh vegetables,becouse this foods are the  most abundant in life force.

Wheat, for example, has a value of 8.5 thousand angstroms which rises to 9,000 when it's cooked. Vegetables are most radiant when fresh from the garden, losing about one third of their potency by the time they reach the shops, and another third when cooked. The exception is tubers, which are usually fortified by cooking. The potato, for instance, is measured at only 2,000 when raw, but when boiled this shoots to 7,000 and to 9,000 when baked. The emanations of legumes (dhal) - peas, beans, lentils, etc. - are lessened by drying but register a hearty 7,000 to 8,000 when fresh.

Fruits are best eaten just ripe, for they become increasingly valueless as decay sets in.

As far as fresh foods are concerned, Simoneton finds them to be almost valueless.

Meat has only second class vibrations at best, and this sinks to low in the third category by the time it is cooked.

The exception is freshly cured ham which is enhanced by the process of salting and smoking. Sea foods must be eaten raw to gain their full value, otherwise they drop into the second category.

According to Simoneton's research, the effects of food processing are disastrous. Milk has a value of 6.5 thousand angstroms  when fresh, but loses ninety percent within twenty-four hours. After pasteurisation there are no bioenergy radiations at all.

The same is true for pasteurised fruit and vegetable juices, and for canned fruits. The fresh juice of sugar beet is rated at 8.5 thousand, but refined white sugar drops to 1,000 or less, while white, granulated sugar gives a reading of zero. Other processed foods like margarine, alcohol and bleached white flour also give readings similar to dead matter.

Dehydration, on the other hand, causes little loss of vigor. Sun-dried fruit was found to retain its vitality and, if soaked in water for twenty-four hours, would radiate almost as strongly as when freshly picked. Water is not normally radiant, but unlike other liquids is capable of being vitalized by association with minerals, human beings or plants.

Some waters, such as the famous healing waters of Lourdes, Simoneton found to radiate as high as 14,000 angstroms.

Simoneton's researches would suggest that for optimum health we eat vegetables, grain, fruit, nuts and other foods which emit a radiance higher than the human norm. This is in complete accord with the recommendations of ancient yogic texts and the scriptures of most religions.

The traditional diets that have sustained mankind for centuries, although supplemented very occasionally by meat or fish, have their basis in grains and vegetables. Witness, for instance, the whole bread and cheese of the European peasantry, the olives, bread and grapes of the Mediterranean, the potatoes of the Irish, African millet and groundnuts, Chinese rice and vegetables, the soybeans of Japan, dhal and chapatti in India.

This is the age of discoverys, atomic power, hydrogen, alternative energies,  yet people still suffer an energy crisis - they are constantly fatigued, prey to tension and anxiety, disease and depression. Despite this fascination with fad diets and 'energy foods', modern man has lost the formula for fundamental physical vitality. People seem to vary between complete disregard for what they eat and a fanatical obsession with proteins, vitamins, minerals and calories. We have forgotten the age-old wisdom which recognize that the energy from physical metabolism that must be supplemented by the more subtle, dynamic energy of the energetic body.